Opening Day

Saturday, April 9, 2011 - Spring Opening Day

Opening Day begins as the breakfast crew shuffles in at 4:30am to begin cooking the traditional meal. A few hours of preparation the evening before helps everything progress smoothly. Breakfast is ready by 6am. After chowing down and chewing some fat, everyone adjourns outside to find the fish rising like crazy. It is off to the races at 7am sharp. Who gets first fish this year?

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For newcomers, here's what you can expect:

6:00 am

Opening Day begins with a huge camp breakfast, eyed hungrily at this early hour by a few dozen red-eyed gents with foul breath and even fouler moods. The first round of coffee, so strong you could float a quarter on it, barely nudges open an eyelid or two. Finally breakfast is ready, and with hot food in their bellies and fishing on their minds, the ragged crew emerges expectantly, eyeing the water for tell-tale signs.

Members pony up for various pools, the most notable of which is for catching the tagged fish, a real monster we are told. The number on the tag is a tightly guarded secret, more so even than Psycho's real name. Murmur that number in the president's ear, and the winnings are yours.

6:50 am

As 7am approaches, members stagger from the breakfast table to string up their rods and tie on that special opening day fly. Eager fishermen begin jostling for a prime location, preparing for that ceremonial first cast.

6:59 am

Finally, the countdown begins... "60 seconds" comes the call; "30 seconds"; "5, 4, 3, 2, 1"...

7:00 am

With a loud clang the bell rings in a new season. The swoosh of flying line fills the air. The first flies hit the water. Within a minute or two, someone calls out "First Fish!" Game on!!
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